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Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

Reg: $800.00 (You save $151.00)

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pointmark Soft Fruits, Vegetables
pointmark Triple Stage Juicer
pointmark High Juice Yield
Color White
Motor 190 Watts, 110 RPM
Weight (lbs) 34
Dimensions 10åäÌÝå W x 21.5åäÌÝå D x 17åäÌÝå H
  • Dual stainless steel twin gears with internal magnets
  • Detachable power cord
  • 'Safety switch system' disables operation unless the machine is fully assembled
  • Lighter weight parts than predecessors
  • Includes coarse screen,drip tray, strainer, fine screen & homogenizing screen
12 Year Warranty

Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

Green Star Elite Juicers

The newest addition to Green Star Juicers line of juice extractors equipped with advanced revolutionary jumbo twin gears designed to introduce the world's first three stage juicing system. Utilizing the same bioceramic and magnetic technology found in the original twin gears, Green Star Elite Juicers new Jumbo Twin Gears extend the juicing process from two to three stages, providing you with a higher amount of nutrition and higher juice yield compared to the original Green Star Juicer models. Juicing with Green Star Elite Juicers saves you from spending more money on expensive organic produce by crushing, mixing, and pressing more juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables.


Product Details

Green Star Juicer owners expect only the best from Tribest products, making Green Star machines reputably one of the world’ s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. By adding a third stage to the juicing process, Green Star Elite is the world’ s only juice extractor utilizing the same bioceramic and magnetic technology found in regular twin gears but in a revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gear set which offers you not only the freshest tasting juice from your produce but also maximizes your juice yields from various fruits and vegetables compared to the original two stage system.

New Sleek Design – The new modern lightweight streamlined look matches to any kitchen counter complimenting your kitchen style and design.

New Locking Mechanism – By changing the locking system from removable turning knobs to a stationary latching system, the new one snap step offers optimum convenience and an easier way to assemble and disassemble the machine.

Added Safety – Green Star Elite Juicers prevent injury by eliminating your chances of interacting with moving parts by including a safety switch system attached to the safety hood, which disables operation when the hood is removed.

Easy Clean Up – By combining parts through the new sleek design, there are fewer parts, which means there is less to clean. Additionally, the included safety hood can be used as a basket to cradle the juicing parts after cleaning providing you with storage space for drying without taking up any additional space on the counter.

New Easy Grip Outlet Adjusting Knob – The knob has been re-designed to include easy grip ridges so you can easily grasp, turn and manually control the pressure inside the machine quickly so you can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables of different consistencies.

Higher Yields – Designed to maximize the yield and nutritional value of your juice, Advanced Heavy Duty Jumbo Twin Gears, with the same magnetic and bioceramic technology as the original twin gears, extend the juicing process from two to three stages – crushing, mixing, and pressing.

Increased Versatility - By adding the mixing stage in between the crushing and pressing stages, juicing soft fruits has now become much easier and more effective.

Increased Value – By including only the most popular items into one convenient package, there is only one model to Green Star Elite and only one optional accessory – soft fruit outlet adjusting knob.


Includes the following parts:

• Juicing Knob
• Breadstick Knob
• Fine Screen
• Coarse Screen
• Homogenizing Blank (Open Blank)
• Breadstick Blank (Closed Blank)
• Exclusive Revolutionary Advanced Jumbo Twin Gears
• Glass Juice Pitcher
• Drip Tray
• Plastic Plunger
• Wooden Plunger
• Stainless Steel Strainer
• Flat Cleaning Brush
• Regular GS Cleaning Brush
• Detachable Power Cord


18.25" x 6.88" x 12.50"
Built-in Carrying Handle
Detachable Cord
Voltage - 110V (for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico)
110 RPM Turning Speed
190 Watt Motor
12 Year warranty

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Product Reviews

    Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    Rating: 5 out of 5

    5 user reviews.
  1. Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    The juices are so smooth!

    4 Star Rating

    Posted by Unknown on .

    I had an Omega juicer before I had this one and I couldn't believe the difference. It produces less pulp in the juice, seems to squeeze more juice from the veggies and fruits. I'm very happy with my new juicer. It's well worth the extra cost for sure.

  2. Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    Great Juicer - Look no further

    5 Star Rating

    Posted by Unknown on .

    First off I'll say I'm very happy with the service from juicers4life.com. I ordered the juicer on a Monday and received it on Thursday - (we live in Alberta). We did a lot of research on the web to decide on a juicer and we decided on the Green Star Elite 5000 - and we are not disappointed. It works as advertised - yes the price is a bit stepper compared to some juicers but you need to consider the volume of juice you will get from juicing your fruits and vegetables with the Green Star 5000. Sure you could buy a cheaper juicer, but you get what you pay for - and don't forget to add in the cost of all the extra produce you will need with the cheaper juicers that won't maximize your yield. It has a great 12 year warranty and that says a lot about a machine - the company stands behind it and now as enthusiastic juicers, so do we!!!

    Happy juicing!

  3. Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    Looking forward to our next production day

    5 Star Rating

    Posted by Lee and Deborah on .

    Our juicer arrived fast...in 4 days. One day ahead of the forecast delivery date. We were excited.
    In one week we have made 3 different veggie juices. 9 liters total. Also an Almond nut milk and 2 different fruit sorbets.
    Our facial skin tone has changed to glowing. We have never had the Canadian Food Guide suggested daily servings of veggies in our lives and now we get it daily and then some.
    Once you get your routine developed things go smoothly. Cleaning of the screens is a bit tedious but we have discovered a few tricks. Using a plastic hair die squeeze bottle full of water allows you to direct a fine water jet into the screen. This also helps for cleaning the gears, hard to reach crevices and the machine itself. Just put a bowl under the gear drive housing and spray with the water jet. We have not had any issues with this machine other than feeding it frozen blueberries and raspberries will jam it up and stop the gears, so feed them slowly.
    We had watched a lot of You-tube videos and read many reviews of juicers.We decided to pay a little more money due to the 12 year warranty and product reviews. This machine seems robust and we are hoping to live longer healthier lives because of it.

  4. Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    Greenstar for Life!

    5 Star Rating

    Posted by Joel on .

    Just received our Greeenstar Elite 5000 - after many Youtube videos for research we decided on this juicer and absolutely love it. If juice yield is important to you, the Greenstar squeezes out every last job of micro-nutrient goodness. It does take a bit longer to clean than others - but mere minutes - well worth the time to see dry pulp in the bin and ALL of the juice in my glass.

  5. Green Star Elite Juicers GSE-5000

    great purchase

    5 Star Rating

    Posted by Unknown on .

    great purchase