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Vitaclay Smart Organic Clay Multi Crock n' Stock Pot 6 Quarts VM7800-5C

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Vitaclay Smart Organic Clay Multi Crock n' Stock Pot 6 Quarts VM7800-5C


Vita Clay’s 6 Quart Clay Crock n’ Stock Pot provides an easier and a mess-free way to make a delicious and nutritious large batch of bone broth, chili, stew, steamed vegetables or fish, and soup. The low temperature setting offers a bonus —probiotic-rich creamy yogurt. 

Note: this model is not for making rice or recipes with less liquid, such as roasts.

Discover nature’s culinary secret for good health and vitality—unglazed clay. Organic clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra flavors and nutrients from your recipes. Clay is also alkalizing, paramagnetic and infrared.
With doctors recommending bone broth, gluten free grains, less salt, less sugar and fresh ingredients, unglazed clay is the number one choice as it amplifies flavors, and alkalizes foods, increasing the positive interactions between the nutrients. 
With this fully programmable, smart and fast unglazed clay Stock n’ Crock you can now cook all your foods to perfection.
A free recipe book is included which offers a variety of globally inspired stock-based recipes for all your meals. To add more nutrition in your diet and time to your busy life, choose VitaClay!

Important note: As this is primarily a stock pot, meant for making large batches of broth, stock, soups and stews, it is not recommended to make roasts or rice in this cooker. This model does evaporate liquid more quickly than other models, so recipes including primarily liquids are recommended, and no "dry cooking" should be done in any VitaClay pot. Please ensure adequate liquids throughout the cooking cycle, as burning or "going dry" can compromise the integrity of the clay.

6-In-1, Fast Slow Cooker, Steamer, Stock Pot, Hot Cereal Maker, Yogurt Maker, and Low Temperature cooker
Unglazed clay pot with high dome clay lid
Naturally intensifies flavor and texture
Seals in essential nutrients and alkalizes your foods
Lead free and non-stick coating free
Cooks 4 times faster than your mother’s slow cooker! Whole meals can be ready in as little as 30 minutes or in less than an hour!
Pre-programmed functions: Fast Cook/Steam, Slow Cook/Bone broth, Hot cereal, and Yogurt
Set and forget: up to 9.5 hours cooking timer with 30-minute increments
Gelatin and collagen rich bio-available bone broth in record time — only 10 hours
Delay Timer and Automatic Warm setting– Food is hot and ready when you are
Power rating 110 VAC / 60 Hz / 600 Watts

Potential health benefits of bone broth and alkalized foods: 
Quicker recovery during illness or after surgery
Reduced painful inflammation
Increased energy from better digestion and nutrient absorption
Lessening of allergies, recovery from autoimmune disorders
Recovery from digestive disorders and a lessening of cravings
Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, Infectious Disease
Rejuvenate collagen, nourish skin and bones to stay young and supple