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Hearing Aids

$229.99 $300.00

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Hearing Aids for one or both ears to correct all your hearing problems.
Solve your hearing problem and make it look invisible.

They are usually sold for one ear at the time, for up to $3000.00 or more, this would make a pair cost $6000.00. Stop paying these crazy prices. Try a pair of these and you will be surprised how well they work. What can you lose by trying them. They usually make a great deal about testing your hearing. If you want to hear better they can be adjusted in seconds to your needs. These are recommended for all kinks of hearing needs. Below are some of the advantages of these in the ear units, not the clunkers that sit behind the ear, and make you look old.

By two, one for each ear, which is really a must if you wish to hear properly. Save $30.00 and pay only $229.99 for both ears. Having only one good hearing ear makes you feel unbalanced and unpleasant. With these units you will not have to ask your partner to give you more volume, you won't be made fun of anymore. You can request lower volume on your TV now.

1. Digital Circuits
2. Not Analog types which are much inferior
3. Chip active and noise cancelling
4. Small invisible in the ear canal
5. More convenient and comfortable
6. More safe medical material
7. Contains imported CHIP
8. Simple volume adjustment
9. Includes 3 silicone ear plugs, adjusting tool & brush for cleaning
10. Intelligent adjust automatically
11. Left and right ear models
12. Small and Exquisite
13. Clear Audio

Please specify right ear, left ear or pair.
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