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Angel Nut Butter Attachment 304 Stainless Steel

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What's the benefit to you in investing in another attachment for your Angel juice extractor? Making your own Nut Butters gives you fresh extraction of the most valuable ingredient of the nut... the oils.
This kit replaces the whole top cover for the augers of the Angel juicer making your Angel juicer a nut butter machine. Shop bought nut butters may have been crunched up years before allowing for oxidisation to occur minimising the nutrient content and health benefits of the nut butter. But most importantly, when you crush your own nuts, the taste factor is supreme.
Imagine turning almonds into almond butter! Raw nuts turned into the consistency of butter. Imagine a macadamia nut being spread on freshly baked bread. Crushing your own nut butter gives you the best of what the nut has to offer, in the confort of your own home.

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