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Angel Commercial Juicer - Mini Type 3 step Pressure Extraction

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Name : Angel Juice Extractor MINI Model : AG 10000 Extracting Method : Twin Gear Triturating RPM : 60 rpm
Motor : Electric Motor (watt), 1/2 HP Weight & Dimension : 88 Lbs, 31.5" L x 11" W x 19" H Capacity : 50 Lbs Vegetables/Fruits per hour (approximate) For Juice Bar, Restaurant, Hotel and other commercial use


Before operating the machine Do not operate the machine with wet hands Do not use the machine at in a place with excessive moisture Unplug the Juice extractor from the electrical outlet when not in use, assembling, disassembling, cleaning, and removing food or other contents from the juicer (feeding chute) Avoid contact with moving parts while the machine is in operation Carefully read the instruction manual before operating
Operating Instruction Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet Push the power switch up to run the motor (do not let the twin gears idle more than 15 seconds) If the motor stops from a feed jam/overloading, push the power switch down (reverse position) for 3 to 5 seconds. Place the power switch at the middle to stop the motor
How to disassemble & Clean the machine Let the machine run for about one minute to get rid of excess feed/juice Push the power switch down
Unplug the Juice extractor from the electrical outlet before disassembling and cleaning Remove the housing cover Unscrew the butterfly nuts on both sides and release the latches Remove the screen housing (in case the screen housing does not release easily, turn the power switch ON/OFF one or twice then it will be released smoothly) Remove the twin gears Clean the screen housing with the cleaning brush under running water (do the same with the twin gears) Dry with clean towel and then air dry the parts
How to Assemble the Gears First, Insert the Driving Gear through the Driving Gear Shaft. Please Note! Slowly slide the driving gear through the driving gear shaft, but do not push the gear fully into the slot at this time. Right before the gear is set into the end of the slot, wiggle and/or turn the gear and so it is securely aligned with the gear shaft. Then, push the gear fully into the slot. Make sure the gears are fully seated. Second, Insert the Free Wheel Gear through the Sub-Shaft. Always make sure the gears are fully seated before operating. If you forcefully push the gear all the way into the slot without properly aligning them, the gear shaft can get damaged.
Slowly slide the screen housing over the twin gears and push it back.
Firmly tighten (do not over tighten) the butterfly nuts and place the screen housing cover.


This juicer can be shipped or picked up at our Health store at 971 Bloor St West in Toronto

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