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Santevia ALKALINE Water Filtration Pitcher

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Santevia Enhanced Water Filtration Pitcher


The Santevia Enhanced Water Filtration Pitcher creates healthy mineralized and alkaline water in a convenient hand held pitcher that can fit in the door of your refrigerator.

Essential minerals are critical to your health and help you balance your body pH and stay healthy. The World Health Organization recommends that you drink mineralized water. The Santevia Enhanced Water Filtration Pitcher provides you with cost effective mineral water that contains calcium and magnesium plus many other trace minerals. AND one Santevia Pitcher will eliminate over 8,300 single use plastic bottles every year so you can do your part to help keep our environment safe.

Balance your body with great tasting Santevia alkaline water!

System Specifications:

  • Independently tested to reduce:


  • Chlorine taste and odor


  • Heavy Metals


  • Industrial Chemicals


  • Agricultural Contaminants


  • Filter life: 300 litres (lasts TWICE as long as most water pitchers)


  • Capacity: 9 (8oz.) glasses


  • Dimension: 10 Height x 11 Width x 5.5 Depth


  • Available in: Blue, Black, White and Green